Zaailing Coaching Rotterdam

Zaailing Coaching Rotterdam


Welcome to Zaailing (Seedling)

Zaailing Coaching & Counselling is located in Rotterdam Kralingen.

Zaailing Coaching & Counselling provides counseling

  • if you encounter problems at work or in your personal life,
  • if you suffer from stress, if you experience 'burnout',
  • if you want something different but need help finding out what and how,
  • If you need a conversation in which you and your story are most important.

Is there something in your life you encounter with which you could use some help? Maybe you suffer from something that inhibits your development?

It could also be that you do not really experience a problem but you would like to discuss certain things with someone who looks objectively.

As a coach / counselor I can offer a way to help and support with which you can solve your problems independently, change your situation, make decisions and take full responsibility for your own life .
In some good and personal coaching or counseling conversations I can help you and guide you so that you get things clear for yourself and you can continue in the direction you want.

A seedling is only a small plant with a large force of growth.
With the right ingredients (good soil, sunlight, heat) it can become a big strong plant (maybe even a tree!)

This is how I see my company at this time. The same thing I see with my clients, that same vigor. That potential, I hope to address!